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Marine, Metallurgy Failure, Annapolis MD
Screws, Metallurgy Failure in Annapolis MD
Rust, Metallurgy Failure in Annapolis MD
Tools, Metallurgy Failure in Annapolis MD

Forensic Investigations & Metallurgical Failures

Metallurgical and materials failures can be the cause of major accidents in the workplace. Forensic Metallurgy will conduct forensic investigations on your behalf.

Dr. Townsend investigates anything that breaks, including plastic, glass, metal, and wood, that has caused property damage, injuries, or fatalities. He can provide laboratory testing of failed equipment or products. He is the sole investigator.  No part of any case is left to a technician or junior engineer. He provides expert reports for structural failures of all kinds, including:


• Pressure Vessels
• Boilers
• Air Cylinders 
• Gas Cylinders 
• Fire Extinguishers
• Machinery
• Ladders

• Aircraft
• Sports Equipment
• Vehicles
• Medical Equipment &  implants
• Wire rope

• Piping
• Welds
• Forklifts 
• Piping
• Solar Equipment
• Bolts

• Marine Equipment
• Crank Shafts, Valves, Connecting Rods, Charge air coolers 
• Furniture 
• Commercial Equipment


Investigated Accidents & Failures

Dr. Townsend provides investigations, technical reports and expert witness testimony. He is a professional engineer who looks to discover the truth and finding the root causes of failures and accidents.


All layers of a failure are investigated to determine the root cause of the event. He has given 99 expert witness depositions over a period of 25 years. He has investigated many types of accidents and failures, including ones that involve property damage, injuries, and fatalities.


Contact me for more information on my accident investigation services.          

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