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Expert Experience


Dr. Townsend has conducted over 700 forensic failure and accident investigations involving

machinery, vehicles, boats, structures, tools, appliances, furniture, and plumbing made of metals,

glass, and plastic parts.


Dr. Townsend has discovered failures that resulted from defects in the engineering design, manufacturing, weathering, deterioration, corrosion and utilization. He specializes in engineering analysis required to discover the the root cause of of failures because structural failures can cause accidents or can result from accidents.


Dr. Townsend has worked as an independent contractor, consulting engineer, expert witness, corrosion scientist with ORTECH™ and a research metallurgist with Chemetals Corporation™. He has also worked as a metallurgical scientist at Martin Marietta. He has provided expert witness testimony in 24 cases in state courts, and in federal courts for both defense and plaintiffs.


Contact me to learn more about my accident investigation services.


Expert Witness


Forensic Metallurgy provides expert witness services for both plaintiffs and defense council. When an expert witness is needed, contact Dr Townsend.

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